Nice to see you here,

let me tell you a bit about myself!


You might catch me laughing a bit too loud, or enjoying a conversation a tad too much, maybe getting overly excited about the trivial and the mundane; and then I will tell you it's just me, enjoying the small things.


I pay attention, I am a meticulous and detail oriented person but also I try to keep it practical and logical.


My three current goals are, always be humble because that creates the right disposition to learn; live a balanced life in order to give my maximum potential and love everything around me because that will just make me, and the ones around me, happier people.

My approach to design

The users are kings and queens, I will always pursue keeping their best interest in mind and use all the tools that I have to be as objective as possible.


Remember the human under the user, that who has the same physiological, emotional and societal needs everywhere in the world and throughout time. That human I want to respect and honor, by being conscious of the power and responsibility of my work.


Collaboration is key, everyone has something valuable to say and as designers our job is to get the conversations going. Prototypes, sketches, tests, scripts, interventions, cookies; anything that generates movement and impulses towards iterations is just pushing something to become a more adequate, thought through solution.

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